Leading the Way: Specialty Training and Private Tutorials

AHEC always puts the client in the driver’s seat. You speak, we listen. What are your practice gaps?  We will find the experts to fill those gaps. Can’t meet our regular schedule? We will come to you or schedule a private tutorial.  Don’t see the imaging procedure to add to your tool box? Ask!  We design custom training. Now, we can’t do everything, but we don’t say “no” very often.

First quarter sessions include off campus training for ultrasound in Gaithersburg, MD and Tucson, AZ.  AHEC will host sessions to increase mammography diagnostic capability in West Texas and expert speakers for mammography conferences in Anaheim, CA and Dayton, OH.  Three nuclear cardiology CME courses will be hosted in Louisiana and Texas. Our expert from Chicago is flying to the Texas valley to prepare candidates for the CT certification exam.

Those who could not make our regularly scheduled classes added private tutorials to their travels and we hosted five different sessions in ultrasound including ED, OB/Gyn, and vascular.

If you or your group has a special training need, please give us a call. We make House Calls.

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