2017 Spotlight on OB Ultrasound Training

Spring weather has assisted many travelers to fly South to obtain training in OB/Gyn ultrasound. AHEC has hosted multiple training events this quarter with the January and February classes closing at full registration. The training classes for OB/Gyn spend one half of the training time utilizing the ultrasound equipment and volunteer patients in real-time scanning.  The Center is fortunate to have multiple referral sources that send their normal patients to get a routine scan at no charge. This is extremely helpful to patients who have no insurance or cannot afford the fees.

The attendees for Spring OB training have presented with multiple physician specialties from the Emergency Department, the OB clinics, general hospitalists, and private practice. The attendees traveled from all parts of Texas (62% of attendees) and from Canada, California, Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Tennessee, Washington, Ohio, and Illinois.

The groups were balanced in their training requirements but presented with 38% physicians, 24% physician assistants, 21% RN’s and nurse practitioners, and 17% certified nurse midwives. Certainly a group with a lot in common! AHEC will be hosting two OB/Gyn training events in Houston in March and a private contract in Arizona.

Spring NRC

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