Ultrasound Corner


AHEC is pleased to announce the great reception we have had with our Scan With the Experts product line.  All of the attendees have expressed basically the same feelings; one on one attention with leading experts in the area of your choice is a rare and welcome venue for education.  Across the board they have found this environment a rich and open educational opportunity they could experience nowhere else.  Consider the fact that everyone has an area of ultrasound where they are not the most confident in their skills.  We give them the opportunity to choose the topic, and then we provide the expert.  During the day they get to pick that experts brain for everything they can extract, diagnostic criteria, scanning tips and unique approaches for difficult to scan cases, or help with protocols.  Topics can include but are not limited to echocardiography, vascular, OB/Gyn, abdomen, and point of care ultrasound for the emergency room, intensive care, or physician office settings.  If you would like an opportunity to fine tune your skills in a one on one setting give us a call and a topic and see just how much you can learn in a day.

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